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Your Charism- Your Special Gifts to the World

What Is My Purpose?

Let’s Face It. We all need a purpose. My purpose is not the same as yours. The need for purpose is one of the defining characteristics of human beings. We need to know that we are working for something important. Our purpose is as individual as our fingerprints and it is what makes us unique. Living the life that God has intended and talking to God every day, is the best way to fill our basic need to be appreciated, respected and useful. It is truly awesome to stop for a minute and think about our special purpose. Each and every one of us has unique gifts that belong only to us. They are our charisms. A charism is an extraordinary power given to individuals by the Holy Spirit to live life as a follower of Christ. Because they are freely given by God, they cannot be earned and they are not to be used for personal gain.

What is your charism? Perhaps you have the ability to make friends easily or you can jump right into a project and help get it finished. Perhaps you have the gift of leadership or organization. Maybe making music or planning events is your skill. Each of us has our own charism. Special gifts that are to be respected. As we grow closer together, and closer to Christ, my hope is that we all see our beautiful gifts, in ourselves and in each other. Charism can be hard to see; it will require some quiet conversation with God. What is my purpose? Help me to find my gifts and to bring me closer to You.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal

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