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Mrs. Anne Atkin


“I have loved Sacred Heart School as a volunteer, substitute teacher, parent and principal for the last 20 years. Our hallways have been blessed by so many people   from  our community and it is with honor that we serve this tradition and precious history."


Sacred Heart School is where children can grow in love, surrounded by the angels and saint and the unconditional love of Jesus. The teachers and staff work together as a team to educate, mentor, enlighten and engage God’s children to do great works in His name. The SHS staff take the responsibility of educating your children very seriously. We are reminded every day to be a school where learning and virtue are truly sacred.

Students are taught the Catholic faith in a way that is correct and comforting to them. The teachings of Jesus Christ are practiced with conviction so that our students will use this firm foundation of love, confidence and virtue to live a life that is full of purpose. Children are inspired to model how to pray, how to love, and how to care for themselves and others. It is a blessing to serve and care for God’s people.

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