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Grade 2

Mrs. April McCaskey

My belief is that all students want to learn, and as a teacher I try to guide them to their own potential. Developing lessons to meet their learning style and needs, meeting them at their level. It is truly the most fulfilling job!

Classroom Culture 

 I strive to develop a classroom environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted.  Patience, kindness and self-control are virtues we aspire to each day.  I believe such an environment allows students to learn and thrive in the classroom.

Academics & Everyday Learning

We begin our day with a short writing prompt in their journals and a math “warm up” including, sharing their number sentences for number of the day, clock, and guessing the number. 

We do many learning experiences in small group, including reading. In small groups, students are able to read at their level with their peers. It is awesome to witness students develop their passion for reading.  

In first/second grade we begin to grow their writing skills with prompts such as “story of the month.”


Characters, setting, and basic sentence structure begin to form throughout the year. 

Our daily math lessons are guided practice along with an independent piece. We check and revisit if needed.  

First/second graders experience a daily religion lesson, gaining knowledge of the bible and virtues to live by.  I have had the pleasure of helping our second graders prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion.

Special Events

We enjoy several field trips throughout the school year including:

  • Meckley’s Apple Orchard

  • Hudson Museum

  • Imagination Station

  • Toledo Zoo.


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