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Mrs. Judy Shutte

Grades 3-4

Judy has a Bachelor of Arts from Adrian College and a Masters of Arts from Siena Heights University. Judy has been married to Jeff for 26 years and has two daughters, Ellie and Jill.


“My mother was one of the best teachers I ever knew. I also couldn’t think of a better place to work for the rest of my life than at a school with kids."

Classroom Culture 

What is special about my classroom?  My students would probably say Homeworkopoly!!  Every morning, those who have completed their homework, get to take a turn at this game.  They move around the board and answer questions about what we are learning as well as trivia.  They might win a trip to the candy box, the mystery prize box, or they might get stuck “waiting for the bus”.  Every year I download this game from and the students from the lower grades know they will play the game when they get to my class.  My classroom is also known as the one with “the library” as I have many books available for the students to enjoy.

I hope I am helping to develop their love of learning and reading.  I also hope to help them develop the skills to be good problem solvers and good people.

A love of learning and reading is at the core of my teaching.

I believe any student can learn given the right support and enough time.  Everyone learns in different ways at different rates.


  • My class starts every day with a class meeting where we greet each other and discuss problems, solutions, and plans.  We also work in a few learning games.

  • I have many review games up my sleeve.  The students really look forward to them.  I also try to use a mix of visual and auditory presentation along with as much movement as possible.  The students work individually, in pairs or groups, and as a whole class My classroom management and my teaching is based on a whole brain approach.

  •  I use a variety of informal and formal assessments.  Sometimes a written or standardized test is necessary and other times talking, exit slips, and projects are great.

  • I use my own observations, as well as feedback from the NWEA MAPS test to plan for individualized instruction for my students, whether they need to go back and relearn some previous concepts or they need more of a challenge.  We have individual reading conferences everyday and all students work at their own pace to master math facts.


  • Third and fourth grade teams for Science Olympiad

  • Fifth and occasionally sixth grade Quiz Bowl teams.

Why should your child be in my class?

I have taught at Sacred Heart for over 25 years. I have extensive knowledge of children’s literature and I have taught religion in grades 2-6. I am a voracious reader and I stay current with the latest research and methods in education in my reading life. Every year, I engage in professional development, either through books, online or in class. I am always looking to update my skills and try new things. My class and lessons are never exactly the same from year to year and I have many years of experience that I use to mine and my student’s advantage. 

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