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Kindness - Let Your Spirit Soar

Saint Basil

Affection, gentleness, concern, compassion are all words that describe kindness. Kindness is action done out of love; without fear.

Kindness comes from believing in Justice, one of the pillars of virtue. If I believe in Justice then I know that God loves me and guides me, and I also believe that God loves and guides you equally. I am important and you are just as important.

At morning prayer, the students and I breath through a prayer meditation and settle are bodies down so we can mindfully hear what God has to say and to ask God for help with the day. We hear how much he loves us, protects us and guides us. We listen to his voice and we are able to fill our bodies with God. By first beginning with God’ love and guidance, we can see God in each other. When we can see God in each other it becomes quite easy to be kind.

Really looking at people in the eye and smiling is kindness. When we really look at people and really see them we can certainly be kind. We have been building up our lesson in kindness all week and today the students shared examples of how they are able to put kindness into action.

Examples of kindness:

“Building someone up instead of breaking them down.”

“Cheering some up who is having a bad day.”

“Picking up trash and putting it in the garbage.”

“Saying thank you.”

“Fixing something that is broken.”

“Helping around the house.”

I asked them if they could ever run out of kindness. They were glad to hear that kindness is a renewable resource and the more kindness you share the more kindness you feel in your heart. We can always go back to God’s love, to fill our bodies up with more kindness.

Fear not! God is with you. Let love fill your heart and share that kindness as often as you can!

God Bless!

Anne Atkin, principal

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