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How can we see the way God sees? How can we see with our heart?

God does not see the same way people see. People look at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

It is a treacherous world out there. It seems the more we venture out into the world, the more mistakes we make. It is easy to start with the best intentions of sharing joy, and handling people with a calming grace. But it can be so hard to stay on that path. There are just so many ways to fall short. After all, humans are mortal beings; born with original sin, and given free will. We lack worldly knowledge and are prone to fall victim to the deadly sins. It is difficult to live each day without falling into the many traps that are set. There is really no way around it. So, why are we surprised when we sin or when we fail to be perfect? The same is true for our children. They will make mistakes. They will behave poorly and break the rules sometimes. But a lot of the time, we get it right. We get it right more often than we give ourselves credit for. Your children are the same. We know we can never be perfect because we are all a little bit broken.

God does not need our perfection. God is not interested in performance. He wants our dependence on Him. He wants our heart all of the time. God doesn’t just see what we do. He sees the heart of what we do.

This year at Sacred Heart School, we want to practice seeing with our whole heart. We want to see ourselves, each other and God with a heart that is full of love. Many of the students will be keeping gratitude journals and writing down the things they, or someone else, did well today. We will continue the positive affirmations during lunch, Adoration, field trips to beautiful Catholic places, spontaneous fun and so much more that will help us feel God in our heart. The goal is for our students/staff/parents to never be parted from their love of God because we are His beloved children. In this quest, we will find a hunger to do what is right without the painful shame when we inevitably fall short. There is no way to do this alone and we should never have to because, thank God, we have our savior. We just need to keep Him very close.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal

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