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All Hallows Eve. As you know “hallow” means “holy”. The holy evening before All Saints Day.

All Saints Day is a big day at Sacred Heart School. We learn about the saints all year long as we honor their lives and try to be like them. We ask the saints to intercede for us in Heaven and to be with us as we take on each day. In 5thand 6th grade, the students present a saint through research and art work to the school community. Halloween is a part of our culture because it is more than a scary holiday.

Courtesy in practice

Kids love Halloween. It is for very obvious reasons that this holiday is a fan favorite for the littles. When else do parents get the chance to ask “what you want to be?” and have the answer be completely about the child’s dreams and wishes? Halloween has turned into a silly holiday without much meaning; a holiday that is just for fun. Yet, it must be so magical, seen through children’s eyes; to see your neighbors, who are generally tucked in their homes, come out into the streets (in the dark, nonetheless) to say “Hi” and to give you candy. Children see everyone getting together with friends and family to walk through town, spreading the joy of just being alive and acting silly in a costume. We spoil the children with way too much candy and it is completely normal behavior for the day. How fun! When you think about it, Halloween is a lesson in courtesy. We marvel at the creativity behind each costume. We put special care into fun, spooky treats that are so cute and tasty. We greet each Trick or Treater with a smile and a generous gift of candy. We spread fun and expect to have a great time. The kids are grateful and say thank you and genuinely feel cared for and appreciated for dressing up and walking up to your doorstep. It is a hoot and we should enjoy every minute by spreading courtesy.

God Bless,

Anne Atkin, principal

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