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Congratulations to Judy Schutte

25 Years as a Teacher at Sacred Heart School

Thank you to Mrs. Schutte for her years of service at Sacred Heart School! We can only imagine the number of lives that Judy has affected in her years inspiring, motivating, encouraging and truly loving the students in her classroom. Judy is an amazing teacher and has developed a style all her own that is both comforting and challenging for her students. She guides each child with a calming grace that allows them to grow personally and academically. Her students understand that she expects their best at all times and because of this, she is able to create a classroom culture where greatness is achieved. Judy is a true professional and is worthy of so much more than we could ever pay her. Yet, she is loyal, determined and a true joy to our school family.

Thank you for saying yes to God to be the light of Christ to so many! We hope that you feel how grateful we are for your service to the Hudson community, Sacred Heart Church, Sacred Heart School and all of our families for the past 25 years!

Thank you does not seem like enough. But from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

We are looking forward to many more years of your companionship, leadership, joy, support and grace.

God Bless You!!


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