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5 Things to Tell Your Catholic Child Every Day

It really can be the littlest of things that make a difference in raising our young ones in the faith at home. Here are a few simple phrases you can say to your child (or children) to make God present to them every day.

1. Jesus loves you.

What a beautiful truth! Jesus loves you – always and no matter what. He will never stop loving you, and His love brought you into existence! You think mom and dad love you a lot? (We do!) But guess what? God loves you even more.

2. …and He rejoices being with you.

Not only does Jesus love you, He wants to be with you all the time. His love isn’t distant; it’s right here, all around you. He wants to spend time with you – in prayer, in work, and in play – because He loves your company and because you are so special to Him.

3. God has big plans for you!

His plans for you are huge…He wants you to be a saint! He wants you to be “Saint _______”, and live as one of his closest friends and followers – a disciple – here on earth, and then spend forever in heaven with Him someday.

4. Your guardian angel is always with you.

God gave you a special companion: your guardian angel. And your angel is always with you – to help protect you and watch over you when you are scared or sad, or to join in your happiness and in your prayer time.

5. Thank you, God!

(This one is not said to your child, but with your child every day to cultivate a spirit of awe and thankfulness for God’s creation and His many gifts and blessings.) After a fun playdate, we say – “Thank you, God, for such a fun time with friends!” Before a meal – “Thank you, Jesus, for this food to nourish our bodies.” When your child notices and makes a point to talk about a beautiful flower – “Thank you, God, for making flowers for us to enjoy!” In prayer – “Thank you, Jesus, for our family [mentioning parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.].”

We have been talking about how to love God during morning prayer this week. I found this great article that gives us words to use at home to help our children love and be loved by God.


Anne Atkin, principal

The entire article is available at

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